After the negative press conveyed in the media after the two recent power cuts in as many days in Gibraltar, Europort have issued a press release that includes the Sapphire Networks power infrastructure:


Much has been said in the media (including the BBC) about the Gaming Industry suffering as a result of the power cuts from the Waterport Station fire of the 20th April and subsequent cuts of the 21st April.
Fortunately for Gibraltar, the news is not all bad contrary to the message conveyed by the media...

...Sapphire Networks, a leading telecommunications supplier to the Online Gaming Industry and also serviced by the Europort Power Station, also continued to service its clients needs throughout both black outs. "Our gaming clients in Europort who are connected to this special facility carried on business as usual over the last two days as was the case the last time Gibraltar suffered a similar black out two years ago. A number of Gibraltar's leading gaming brands are within Europort and were totally unaffected by the power failure. Our fibre network running through Gibraltar, Madrid, London and Amsterdam was unaffected and IP transit (Bandwidth) feeding clients of Sapphire are not affected by power failures provided they themselves have power. Our own Data Centres are fully backed up and suffered no downtime" states Carsten Kjeldsen, Operations Director at Sapphire Networks.

The full press release can be read here


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