A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… we were GibNet, but back in July 2005 Sapphire Networks was born and took over from GibNet. We announced at the time that the GibNet domain would be phased out after 1 year (July 2006). However, we never actually got round to doing so. But finally, the time is upon us to keep that promise we made a long, long time ago.

In a strategic drive to enhance our brand, we finally have to say goodbye to GibNet.
So on Monday 2nd September 2013, gibnet.gi will be deactivated from all domain lists.

If you have been advertising @gibnet.gi for your email addresses, you can publicise either @gibraltar.gi or @sapphirenet.gi which already work for your email addresses without having to change anything at your end. Feel free to decide which one you prefer. You will, however, have to change your email address in your email app otherwise it will continue to state your email address as '@gibnet.gi' and your contacts could automatically reply to this email address when they click on 'Reply'.

 Important: We urge all our loyal customers who have been with us since July 2005 to review all their email accounts and/or hosted websites to ensure that the GibNet domain is not being referenced.

Also we urge businesses or customers with advanced network equipment and domain servers to ensure they aren’t referencing GibNet.

 To help you with making these changes, please visit our special support page at www.sapphire.gi/gibnetsupport

We will be sending out reminders over the coming weeks leading to the deactivation, but please act now as we will be removing this domain on the Monday 2nd September 2013.



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