The top 9 UK ISP's by subscriber number are now directly peered with Sapphire Networks in LINX, London's leading Internet exchange, reaching 20.5M broadband subscribers. (Source ISPreview 30/09/2012)

Sapphire are proud to announce that their new collocation facility in Europort, with best-in-class power and cooling and unmatched record locally in continuous service is now available.

Sapphire are proud to be associated with the 1st Gibunco Gibraltar International Literary Festival that will take place on 25th-27th October 2013

In our 6th year of sponsorship at the Santa Maria Polo Club Sotogrande, we are looking forward to welcoming our many customers and friends to what has become for many the highlight of the summer social and sporting calendar.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… we were GibNet, but back in July 2005 Sapphire Networks was born and took over from GibNet. We announced at the time that the GibNet domain would be phased out after 1 year (July 2006). However, we never actually got round to doing so. But finally, the time is upon us to keep that promise we made a long, long time ago.

After the negative press conveyed in the media after the two recent power cuts in as many days in Gibraltar, Europort have issued a press release that includes the Sapphire Networks power infrastructure.

Some customers have experienced problems accessing their Sapphire e-mail (using our webmail or other e-mail clients) over recent days.

Most users will be able to resolve this by changing their login ID to their full e-mail address (e.g. '' in lieu of 'lopez') and using their existing password.