Local Leased Lines



  • Private point-to-point ethernet connecting any two on-net locations, or
  • Private point-to-point wavelength connecting on-net locations to colocation facilities

Standard Features

  • Resilient ring infrastructure independent of other carriers
  • High-level SLA's with 24 x 7 support from our Network Operation Centre


Ethernet Features

  • Supports speeds from 10Mb – 1Gbps
  • Maximum of 50 MAC addresses per end-point
  • Four classes of services allow you to prioritise traffic inside your WAN


Wavelength Features

  • Protocol independent - supporting Ethernet, Fiber Channel and other protocols
  • Supports speeds from 1Gbps - 40Gbps Ethernet and 1/2/4/8Gbps on Fiber Channel
  • Supports a variety of customer interface types
  • Supports vendor proprietary stack & meshing technology - ideal for active-active DC's



For further details and technical specification for this service, please see our Ethernet Leased Line
Service Definition document or contact us on sales@sapphire.gi

General terms and conditions are detailed in our Customer Master Agreement