Enterprise Basic




  • Our entry-level IP transit offer for Enterprise customers

  • Permanent high-priority service

  • RJ45 presentation terminated at your premises

  • Telephone helpdesk support



1Mb Internet Line

2Mb Internet Line

4Mb Internet Line

8Mb Internet Line

8 additional IP addresses 


    Setup Fee






      Monthly Fee






             Additional Information

        • Everything needed to install and activate our service is provided

        • Helpdesk support is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm

        • If you need assistance or additonal equipment to connect your
          network to this service, we can help



        General terms and conditions are detailed in our Customer Master Agreement

        Additional terms and conditions are detailed in our Specific Service Agreement
        To apply for this service, please complete our application form and
        email it to sales@sapphire.gi