Gibraltar's premier facility

The Sapphire Advantage - uncompromised co-location
  • E-gaming specialists with years of industry experience
  • Track record in delivering high-availability services
  • Best-in-class power/cooling and unmatched record locally in continuous service
  • Leveraging Europort's modern property portfolio, M&E experience and Sapphire's technical resources
Optimum Location
  • In the heart of the business district
  • Optimal access to e-gaming and financial services offices
  • Modern and sound construction - addresses risks typical of old and or converted facilities
  • Access to sea water to feed chilled water plant - addresses heat dispersal issues found in
    DX/air only facilities
Modern Facilities
  • Europort owned and operated power/cooling plant with 100% continuity 
  • 20 years experience in operating cooling plant in local climate
  • Sapphire data centres have delivered 100% continuity throughtout their operating lives
  • Currently Gibraltar's only chilled water-cooled co-location facility
  • Multiple, modern and redundant chillers with generator backup in N+1 configuration
Focused Risk Mitigation
  • An understanding of local operational risks with resources to deliver appropriate mitigation
  • We mitigate Gibraltar's primary business continuity risks by providing assured power and cooling in a modern building, without introducing unnecessary additional risks or design compromises
  • Location and design influenced by customer feedback on competitor's facilities
  • Above sea-level with over-engineered sea walls and off-shore doors
Service specifications
  • Up to 4kW power/cooling with 20% headroom
  • 600mm x 1200mm rack (included)
  • N+N UPS (generator-backed)
  • N+N cooling (chilled water with DX/air backup)
  • Private suite option available - information on request
Support & Security
  • 24x7 onsite support
  • Varying levels of smart hand services available - Basic, Expert and Emergency
  • CCTV throughout the facility
  • Full environmental monitoring
  • Controlled access
  • Optimal connectivity to Sapphire networks
  • With unmatched range of IP transit, bursting packages
  • Local and international leased line services available
  • Optional access to third-party service telecommunications and
    IT service providers
  • Links to other customer and co-location facilities

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General terms and conditions are detailed in our Customer Master Agreement .
Additional terms and conditions are detailed in our Specific Service Agreement. .