Enterprise Gold

  • IP Transit with service guarantees

  • High availability

  • Bursting up to 100%

  • Optional MultiPoP presentation

Enterprise Basic

  • For medium-sized businesses
    host their own servers and
    require a symmetrical Internet


  • Bursting packages for our
    Enterprise Gold customers

  • Up to 1Gb of capacity

  • Catering for special events

    or periodical blips

Local Leased Lines

  • Connecting your offices or colocation

    facilities via point-to-point connections

  • 10Mb, 100Mb and 1Gb

    speeds available

  • Utilises resilient fibre ring around Gibraltar

International Leased Lines

  • Dedicated circuits between Gibraltar

    and the rest of the world

  • Benefits from Sapphire's resilient


  • Tail circuits from leading international carriers


  • Resilient power and cooling

  • Multiple fibre entry points with diverse
    cable routes

  • 24/7 security and support