Information and Technical Specifications


Technology Overview

Sapphire's Carriers Ethernet network is based upon IEEE 802.1ah allowing complete customer separation, as achieved with competing technologies (MPLS VPN, Frame Relay and SDH circuits). Sapphire's network is deployed using fully redundant equipment and links, with service restoration times of 50ms.

Technical Overview

  • Connection speeds from 10Mb - 1Gb
  • Maximum layer 2 frame size from 1596 Bytes – 1950 Bytes
  • IEEE 802.3 framing format
  • Physical presentation (MDI) via RJ45, SC/PC - LC/PC (optical only)
  • Physical interfaces 10BaseT, 100BaseTX, 1000Base SX / LX / LH / ZX / T
  • Maximum of  50 MAC addresses per endpoint
  • Fully protected over Sapphire’s infrastructure

Quality of Service

  • Sapphire Networks implement a class of service classification system for data traffic passing through the connection
  • The customer must tag their packets upon entering the circuit with the relevant CoS value
  • 802.1q tagged frames will be based on the 802.1p bit in the VLAN header
  • DSCP code-point values will be used for non VLAN tagged frames
  • Unmarked traffic is set by default to Best Effort service

Additional benefits

Sapphire’s service supports 802.1q tag re-writing so that VLAN numbering can be flexible. 
Single VLAN or Multiple VLAN service is available.